This document outlines important information such as ENG 101 course goals, which are common to all sections of ENG 101 and should be copies and pasted onto the first page of ENG 101 syllabi. It also contains other information such as the amount of writing students should do in the course, the number of absences they are allowed, and the basics of holding student conferences during the semester.

This document contains information about what should be included in student portfolios, which they turn in at the end of the semester in every ENG 101 course. Rather than a collection of every piece of writing students have done throughout the semester, the portfolio should allow both instructors and students to choose writing from the course for students to include in these.

The portfolio rubric and portfolio rubric instructions will be used by instructors of ENG 101 to evaluate student portfolios at the end of the semester. Students should print out a copy of the rubric to include in their portfolios, and instructors will use the rubric instructions to guide them as they determine portfolio grades. The portfolio rubric can also be used as an essay rubric throughout the semester with only slight changes.

This document explains how UNCG students are placed into ENG 101.